Flip frames are the countries leading choice for poster and sign displays. offers the largest and growing variety of sizes, colors and combinations. Choose from standard colors like silver and black to custom colors like red, blue, green and even faux wood aluminum frames. For custom sizes give us a call. We’d be glad to help you get just the right frame for you. Learn more about our display frames below.


  • FlipUp Frame, Flip Frame, Snap Frames, Metal Sign Frame, Custom Metal Photo Frame, Poster Frames 60 x 20 Standard Easy Flip Frame
  • Easy Sign Frame, Aluminum Sign Frame, Plastic Sign Frame, Sign Frame for plastic board Large 4′ x 8′ Sign Frame – 2.5″ Profile
  • Easy Slide in Frames, School Poster Frames, Corporate Sign Frames, Advertising Poster Frames Easy Slide In Sign Frames
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    $54.95 $47.20
  • Sale! 24 x 36 Poster Frame Wholesale
    $78.50 $68.00
  • Flip up Frame, Round Flip Frame, Snap Frame, Black Poster Frame, Movie Poster Frames, Robopacalyps movie poster Easy Round Flip Frame – 1.75″
  • Aluminum Round Corner Flip Frame Easy Round Corner Flip Frame 1.25″
  • Easy Round Flip Frame – 1.25″
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Poster Snap Frame Easy Flip Frame – 1.25″ Standard
  • Easy Flip Frame – 2.5″ Standard


Flip Up Poster Frame Information

Our Poster Frames, also known as Flip Up Frames, Snap Frames, Easy Open Frames etc., are made of high grade aluminum and can be used in interiors or exteriors. Each side of a Flip Up Frame flips open to easily replace graphics and displays and just as easily snap back to close the frame and hold the media in place.

Flip up Frames come in various styles, colors and sizes to suite your taste. Frame options are standard, round profile and round corner. Below you can see a description of each.


Standard Flip Up Frame

Easy Frames for poster change, Aluminum Poster Frames Easy Flip Frames, Snap Frames, Aluminum Snap Frames, Flip Up Frames

    • The Standard flip up frame is made of a smooth straight extrusion with sharp corners. Each corner is beautifully mitered to close frames perfectly every time.
    • Each poster frame comes with a clear or matte overlay and a black polystyrene backing to support the displayed graphics.
  • Each frame has slots for horizontal or vertical mounting on walls. When screwed into walls, Flip Frames provide the easiest way to change posters and graphics.

Round Profile Frame

Round Profile Snap Frames, Security Snap Frames, Safe Poster Frames

    • These elegant wall frames are great to display movie posters, business signs, directory signs, and are even great to use for family portraits.
  • Round Profile Frames provide a beautiful sleek look while keeping your graphics safe. The round profile has no grip edges which would allow the frames to easily be opened. Instead theses poster frames come with a wedge tool to open each frame rail. These convex profile frames are great in open areas where the public has easy access to them.
  • Round profile poster frames are great for Restaurants, Schools, Offices, Retail Displays and much more.

Round Corner Frame

Round Corner Poster Frames, Aluminum Flip up Frames, Metal Sign Frames, Poster Frames

    • Round Corner Poster Frames easily open to replace sign graphics. Fixed round corners keep graphics in place while frames are open to make final adjustments.
    • Round Corner Sign Frames come in 2 sizes: 1.25″ thick at .75″ deep, and 1″ thick at .43″ thick.
  • Colors available are Silver anodized and Black powder coated.